(A note from Lauren Bass, founder of LolaBee's Harvest. - Ed.)

Dear LolaBee's Customer,

I started LolaBee’s two years ago with the dream of making fresh, local and sustainable food more accessible and to help farmers more easily get their amazing products into people’s kitchens. Our goal has been to build a sustainable food system alternative to the industrialized supply chain, and in doing so, improve the nation’s health, the environment and local economies.

This goal was a BIG CHALLENGE to take on but one that has inspired us every single day. Our business model of working with small farmers is very complex, and therefore, requires a great deal of logistics support and operational excellence. It is also a model where a certain scale of operations is critical for providing sustained high quality service to the customers. For this reason we made the decision to join forces with Good Eggs so that we can continue delivering on our shared vision of fresh local food grown sustainably for every kitchen.

During discussions with the Good Eggs team, I realized how much they share the commitment to building a better food system. They are building powerful yet flexible, innovative systems to grow this type of business, serving more customers and helping more local farmers and artisans than we have been able to do on our own.

Thank you so much for being such loyal customers over the past two years. Because of you we were able to grow this movement and make a difference in the lives of farmers and families across the Bay Area.

Lauren Bass and the LolaBee’s Team


Here are some common questions:

What happens to my LolaBee’s account?
Your account will be closed. If you’d like to order from Good Eggs, you’ll have to create an account on their site, which you can do quickly at checkout.
You have a key to my house or garage. What happens to that?
We’ll mail your key back to you. Good Eggs doesn’t collect physical keys but if you have a garage code or something similar, you can leave that info in your delivery notes when you order on Good Eggs.
Can I still choose what I want each week?
Definitely! Good Eggs is very similar to LolaBee’s in that you can choose exactly what you want when you place your order each week.
How does ordering on Good Eggs work?
You can head to goodeggs.com anytime and place your order for an upcoming day. Order cutoffs are about a day and a half ahead of your delivery, so if you wanted your food on Wednesday, you’d need to order by Monday at 11:59pm.
How much does Good Eggs cost?
It depends! It’s like a trip to the farmers’ market, so you can buy as much or a little as you want. There are no fees or minimums or commitments when you order, and delivery is just $3.99.
Can I still get a Harvest Box?
We’re retiring the LolaBee’s Harvest Box, but Good Eggs has a number of options if you’d like a hand-selected box of produce. Try Eatwell Farm’s box!
What about those awesome pita chips? I can’t find them!
If there are any products you came to love via LolaBee’s that you can’t find on Good Eggs, they’d love to know about it! Send them a note at egghelp@goodeggs.com.