Be A Vinaigrette Explorer

Why buy vinaigrette? Chances are you already have the main ingredients, plus it’s an easy everyday adventure to make your own. Venture boldly into the world of vinaigrettes with our Official Vinaigrette Planner. Vinaigrettes meet an infographic— it’s a vinfographic!

Start at an ingredient you’ve got on hand or a dressing you dig, then follow the route to your final vinaigrette. The beauty of vinaigrettes is that you can wing it on measurements, just add things in a little at a time and taste as you go.

You’ll build on other recipes as you navigate through: basic becomes creamy basic with a little plain yogurt, or add in some herbs and spices for a creamy garlic vinaigrette.

The world of vinaigrettes is vast and varied, so use this trip planner as a base to start experimenting; tasting and tweaking along the way. 

Print it out, tack it up in the kitchen, and get to exploring! Download the pdf here.