5 Reasons You Should Try Good Eggs
(and spread the word!)

Dear neighbors,

Good Eggs is not a normal grocery store – or a normal internet startup. And the reasons we think you should buy your groceries from Good Eggs are maybe different than what you expect to hear… it’s not just about quality/convenience/price, though we think we do a great job on all those things. You should shop from the farmers & foodmakers on Good Eggs because they are making our society and local ecosystems better for everybody.  

Here are five potentially-unexpected reasons you should try Good Eggs (and spread the word!):

  1. Good Eggs is good for farmers & foodmakers. The entire Good Eggs system was designed with the help of Bay Area food producers to meet their needs. It’s like an evolution of the CSA concept – farmers get to connect directly with their customers and get a great price on their food without needing to invest in their own distribution network. It’s a great complement to farmers’ markets for local food businesses.

  2. Good Eggs carries food you can’t find elsewhere. Gluten-free anything, truly pastured meats, meals from top independent chefs, sustainable seafood caught that morning, baby food made to order. This stuff isn’t in grocery stores. Good Eggs is structurally able to support smaller producers who can’t sell into grocery stores because they don’t have economies of scale, or because their food is too fresh to live among grocery store inventory.

  3. We’re building a grassroots alternative to the capitalist machine. Here’s where the mission behind Good Eggs gets really ambitious. The aisles at big grocery stores are ultimately controlled by Fortune 500 executives who sell junk to the people of America so they can increase their stock price. Good Eggs is an alternative because there are no big food companies behind it, it’s all about a grassroots network of small food businesses collaborating to feed more folks. Good Eggs is a mission-driven startup that will always maintain transparency and integrity, made up of city operations that are independently run by local people. It’s a better, more just model of capitalism than the massive-corporation-oligarchy that seems to dominate more and more sectors of our daily lives. When Good Eggs grows nationally it will provide a template for how grassroots local networks can compete in other industries.

  4. Local food is better for everybody. The producers on Good Eggs are caring for the land and their animals, using fair labor practices on their farms, and producing food that is significantly healthier for you to eat. When you shop on Good Eggs you’re ordering directly from these local food producers; they harvest or make your food, bring it to us, and we deliver it to you. As more dollars go towards locally-owned, responsible businesses, the more local communities will succeed and the more local food becomes accessible. It’s a win-win-win for shoppers, local economies, and our environment.

  5. Chances are, you’re going to love it. It’s a fact: the majority of people who try Good Eggs once end up ordering again. It’s super convenient to have your groceries delivered, it’s cheaper than the big chain natural food supermarkets, and the food is fresher and better.  

Our goal is to make real change in our food system - and our daily lives - by helping us all remember that actual people make our food, by turning away from mass-produced junk in every corner of our lives and opting for something better in one realm where it really matters. And in the process, we’ll eat really well.  

We need your help, humbly and sincerely, to spread the word. We hope you’ll take part in our mission to grow and sustain local food systems by sharing this list, sharing Good Eggs, and recruiting more folks to buy their groceries from our local farmers & foodmakers. Join us!

-Rob Spiro, co-founder and CEO