Mix and Match Root Veggie Latkes

Crispy, salty, with just the right amount of chew—latkes are a versatile vessel for toppings both sweet and savory like smoked salmon, sour cream, or applesauce. Traditionally, russets and onions take centerstage, but with so many root vegetables and aromatics at the peak of their season, even Bubbie would approve of shaking things up. Here’s our foolproof formula for modular root vegetable latkes. 

The Best Way to Seed a Pomegranate

Let’s be real. Pomegranates are downright intimidating—with their tough inedible exteriors, alien-like seed clusters, and dangerously messy juices. Is this strange looking fruit really all it’s cracked up to be? Are those little seeds really worth all the effort? Will I be able to get them out with my dignity and white shirt intact?! The answer is yes. Learn how to tackle a pomegranate unscathed.