Absurdly fresh groceries, delivered. 

Go Behind the Scenes of a Good Eggs Photo Shoot

Go Behind the Scenes of a Good Eggs Photo Shoot

Scrolling through the Good Eggs marketplace, you’ll come across juicy peak-season figs, freshly-caught local rock cod, and grocery staples so many of our customers rely on week after week. These goods, along with every item (and I mean EVERY item) in our marketplace, were shot in-house, in our tiny, curtain-clad photo studio above the bustle of our operations and receiving floor downstairs.

We are the Good Eggs Photo Studio, an all-female, scrappy team of three. We tell stories of taste and texture, we make your mouths water and stomachs rumble. With food this fresh and vibrant, it’s pretty easy to achieve. 


Our Small-But-Mighty Photo Team

We love what we do –– how could we not!? We get to work with delicious food, support our amazing producers and create beauty every day. Caitlin is our product photographer. Her consistent eye and attention to detail makes everything shine, from ripe summer stone fruit to seemingly not-so-attractive bones and offal. Annie (who shot this story!) shoots for all of our editorial content for marketing campaigns, social channels and this blog. We shoot real customers and producers in all of our marketing materials, and Annie has a raw talent for capturing beautiful and authentic moments with them. I get the pleasure of art directing, food styling, and producing our weekly photo shoots.


Beautiful produce comes straight from our food hub downstairs, hours after getting dropped off by our farmers. Because new items are always coming into season (and into our marketplace), our studio runs 5 days a week. Flowers, fruits and veggies are often shot the same day they go live on our site. We work fast so you can get the freshest goods possible.

How We Style and Prop Our Photos

You won’t find any shady ingredients in our marketplace, and the same goes for our studio. There are no glues, epoxies, or crazy food styling tricks up our sleeves. Just our goods with nothing to hide. Often, all we need is a light misting of water or a drizzle of olive oil to make that heirloom tomato really shine. We keep it real. With us, what you see is what you get.

We source props from local ceramicists and surface makers. Some of our favorites come from  Sarah Kersten ,  Rule and Level Studio , and  Jered's Pottery.

We source props from local ceramicists and surface makers. Some of our favorites come from Sarah KerstenRule and Level Studio, and Jered's Pottery.

Pulling from our collection of dinnerware, cutting boards, and linens, Caitlin and I work together to select props for each kit. For us, the food should always be the star. Everyday pieces in neutral tones really let the natural color of food pop. Props should add to the storytelling and never distract.

A Toaster and a Hot Plate

On Tuesdays, Caitlin and I shoot Dinner Kits. Every week, we get new recipes from our kitchen team. Emily, our culinary assistant, and I cook the kits using the same ingredients and recipes you get at home. The only difference is we do not have a fully functional kitchen. We use a toaster oven to roast chicken and a hot plate to saute veggies. We have no sink, so pasta water is strained into big metals bowls or plastic buckets... I told you we were scrappy.

After selecting props, the meal is plated and brought on set. Caitlin and I work together to finalize composition and styling. We keep it loose to further tell the story, allowing crumbs to fall where they may and juices to splatter. A little bit of mess feels attainable and real. Caitlin perfects the focus, lighting, and snaps the photograph. After being shot, images are ready to go on the site and sent to the printer to become recipe cards.


As the year goes on, I love scrolling through the Good Eggs app. Colors change with the seasons, favorite products come and go, and I can really sense the passage of time. This visual experience feels unique to Good Eggs. Shopping for food on the internet can feel cold and distant, rampant with stock photography and floating vegetables on white backgrounds. We want our marketplace to feel different, to feel better. Food is emotional. Food is tactile. Food evokes memories and cravings. Photography allows us to bring our products to life, and hopefully we bring a little joy to a task that’s often stressful or mundane for too many people.


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