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Fall Salads for Busy Weeknights [Infographic]

Fall Salads for Busy Weeknights [Infographic]

Fall is here, but it’s San Francisco summer, so I’m in a weird in-between mood where I want to eat and drink cozy things and fall asleep knitting, but I’m not quite ready for soup and sweaters. Salads and grain bowls are my go-to transitional dinners, hearty enough to fill me up and I can get my fall fix with some roasted sweet potato, but like, not hot.

Chris and Becky from our Culinary team put together some mix-and-matchable inspiration for fall salads that’ll get you through the whole season.

Peppery greens are a flavorful base that pair well with the salty creaminess of soft cheeses, roasted squash, and beans. Seasonal fruits like Asian pears, pomegranates, and passionfruit brighten things up with a juicy splash of acidity. Make it a meal by adding chicken or turkey (use up some leftovers!) and a handful of nuts or seeds for some crunch.

Fall Salad Ideas from Good Eggs HQ

The perfect salad is a highly personal thing, so I asked for some tips and twists on these ideas from my fellow foodie coworkers. Can you truly know someone until you see what they bring to work for lunch?

  • Our Marketing Director, Jane, suggests adding warm grains like farro or brown rice for a cozy touch that turns a fall salad into a main course.

  • Madeline, our email queen, balances the bitterness of heartier greens like radicchio and kale with the sweetness of roasted veggies. Candied nuts also help.

  • Hillary from our Community Care team wants you to roast pears for some juicy caramelized goodness. I’m seeing a sweet theme here.

  • Jamie, food source-eress, offers a friendly reminder that prepped ingredients from the Good Eggs Kitchen can save lots of time — shredded chicken, cooked farro or barley, cooked beans, garlic croutons, marinated beets, steamed potatoes, kale ribbons. So easy!

  • Thuy (snack master and my favorite person to assist with taste-testing) shares her go-to method for seeding a pomegranate: “whack it into a bowl of water.” Learn more about how to enjoy this notoriously tricky fruit without making a mess here. Those little flavor bombs are fun to toss on lots of fall dishes.

  • Eggs are also a great way to boost protein and prevent that why-did-I-only-have-a-salad-for-lunch feeling that creeps in around 3pm — Thuy has been steaming them which she says works incredibly well.

  • After roasting a chicken with veggies, Thuy takes the meat and veg out, throws bread cubes into the baking sheet, and tosses them with the juices, some olive oil, and salt and pepper. She toasts them until golden brown and tosses them with greens, veggies, and lemon — instant delicious croutons for salad. She’s full of good ideas.

  • Madeline just turned to me and said, “You know what’s so good? Kale massaged with soy sauce and nutritional yeast.” I don’t like some of those words together but I’ll probably try it. Nutritional yeast has emerged as a sleeper favorite at the Good Eggs office. Produce guy Ben Hartman says he goes through a can a week (not sure I believe him).

  • (Editor’s note: Madeline’s salad also involves olive oil, lots of lemon juice, sunflower seeds, and sun-dried tomatoes.)

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I recently learned that pumpkin seeds contain tryptophan which causes naps, but that hasn’t stopped me from sprinkling them generously on my salads and quinoa bowls. I can’t resist a little salty crunch and extra protein. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some nap-knitting to do.

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