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Green Cleaning Products That Work

Green Cleaning Products That Work

We asked our customers what products we could carry to make their lives easier. The biggest response? Soap. We heard you — we’re excited to grow our Marketplace to be even more convenient for you and your family and offer products you’ll feel good about using every day.

It can be a challenge to find cleaning products that are safe and natural but still get the job done. With our new Health & Home category, we wanted to shift that work from you to us — reading the labels, checking the ingredients, researching the brands, and evaluating industry best-practices (as we do with every single product in our Marketplace). You shouldn’t have to think twice when you wipe down your kitchen counter or find out the hard way which trash bags work.

Here are some of the things we look for in the cleaning products we carry:

  • Safe, responsibly sourced ingredients — It’s not standard practice for traditional cleaning products to list every ingredient on the label. But we demand complete transparency for every product so you know exactly what you’re bringing into your home: naturally sourced, plant- and enzyme-based formulas — no harmful chemicals like chlorine, or synthetic dyes or fragrances.

  • Responsible manufacturing processes — The products we carry are made in factories using renewable energy sources, water recycling, and environmentally conscious practices that give back to the earth.

  • Sustainable materials — Bottles made from post-consumer waste, packaging that’s biodegradable or curbside-recyclable, and concentrated formulas that mean less water weight and more uses per bottle.

  • Brands that go above and beyond — We work with brands, based locally whenever possible, that raise industry standards, for transparency, living wages, and environmental efforts — not just meeting minimum requirements.

  • And most importantly, products that work.

My team personally used every product in our own homes to test them in the real world (on real world messes), and these were some standouts:

For the Bathroom

I love taking baths. With traditional cleaners, waiting for the fumes and residue to clear out before actually using my tub when it’s supposed to be at its cleanest makes me wonder, “clean at what cost?” Dr. Bronner’s Sal’s Suds are made with plant-based ingredients and rinse clean — they have a forever spot in my cleaning stash.

Plus, Dr. Bronner’s supports regenerative organic agriculture projects and uses 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic packaging, solar panels, and water recycling, making them an industry leader in sustainability.

Seventh Generation   Chlorine-Free Toilet Paper     $4.99

Seventh Generation
Chlorine-Free Toilet Paper

Dr. Bronner’s   Organic Peppermint Bar Soap     $4.69

Dr. Bronner’s
Organic Peppermint Bar Soap

For the Kitchen

Our stress-test for dish detergent: cleaning food off a full load of dishes without leaving a weird chalky residue. This ECOS dishwasher gel passed with flying colors (and no pre-rinsing). Plus, using products with FDA-approved food-grade ingredients in your kitchen just makes sense.

ECOS not only uses 100 percent renewable energy and plant-derived formulas to make their products, they were an advocate for passing California’s Clean Product Right To Know Act in 2017 that holds the industry to a higher standard of transparency.

Throughout Your Home

Twist sponges are hand-sewn and made from natural fibers so there’s no glue or plastic going down the drain, and they’re biodegradable when it’s time to swap out.

Biokleen laundry liquid is super concentrated so you get more loads per bottle, and it uses enzymes, citrus extracts, and essential oils to get your clothes clean naturally, with no chlorine, chemical brighteners, or artificial fragrances.

Family-owned EO/Everyone makes plant-based products in their zero-waste factory in San Rafael (formerly the Star Wars studio). They use organic ingredients that are as close to the original plant matter as possible, resulting in hand soaps that smell fresh and amazing and are naturally soothing.

This year, as we continue to explore new categories like bath and body and add products into our Marketplace, we’re committed to never compromising our standards. Because the quality of the products you and your family use every day is just as important as the food you eat.

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