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The Packaging Project: Our Next Step Toward Sustainability

The Packaging Project: Our Next Step Toward Sustainability

We’re committed to building a sustainable business. Packaging is a major part of that story, not just for us, but across the whole industry. We evaluated our product offering, our packaging, and our fees, and we saw an opportunity to make some changes — for the better. These changes will improve your delivery experience and reduce our environmental impact with every order.

Starting in May, we're introducing a fee of $3.99 on peak delivery times — this will help us invest in more sustainable packaging and build better processes to reuse and recycle more of the packaging you return. The Packaging Project sets us up to make important improvements while we build our new East Bay facility, opening later this year.

This fee only applies to our busiest order windows, so whether you choose a delivery time with the fee or one during a less busy time (keeping our delivery vehicles out of traffic), you’re helping us work toward a more sustainable future.

What we’re doing now

Almost all of our existing packaging is recyclable, reusable, or compostable. But there’s one important piece that isn’t working: our ice packs. They’re the biggest source of packaging-related contacts to our Community Care team, and we hear you. They can be messy, impractical to dispose of, and replacing them contributes to waste with every order. So we went back to the drawing board.


Beginning November 2019, we will introduce new, more durable ice packs. This means fewer leaks, a longer lifespan, and less material going to a landfill. We’re also investing in infrastructure and training to reuse our ice packs. Sanitizing machines and freezers in our new East Bay facility will allow us to clean and re-freeze them in-house rather than buying new ones or shipping them somewhere else to be processed.

We’re proud of our reusable and recyclable boxes — starting in April of 2018, we reused more than 100,000 boxes. But we believe we can do better here too. With our current materials and processes, we’re only able to reuse a fraction of the boxes we send out. We’re establishing new systems with our teams who pack and deliver your orders to ensure we’re picking up and reusing more boxes. We’re also looking into new, sturdier materials without compromising the capacity and convenience of our current collapsible box. We plan to more than double our reuse rate, reducing waste and the cost of new materials.

How you can help

Return reusable boxes and ice packs and dispose of any that are damaged. Many of you are already doing this, but the more you return, the more we can reuse. Keep the boxes dry by taking the ice packs out and thawing them separately before returning them on your next delivery.

Our commitment to the future

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve — for our customers and for our community. We’re investigating new containers that will keep your food cold longer with fewer ice packs, recyclable inserts to insulate frozen food and keep the boxes dry, and smarter packaging for Good Eggs Kitchen products, so that more of the products you receive from Good Eggs are packaged and delivered sustainably.

With your help, The Packaging Project will help fund these initiatives and keep us moving in the right direction.

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